Presdident’s Message


Shuji Ota , President & CEO

We highly appreciate your patronage of NTT Travel Service.

It is 34th fiscal year since its establishment in November 1982 as “Kyosai Travel Service“. It was renamed as current “NTT Travel Service” in 1985. Our company has obtained a general travel agency license from the Ministry of Transportation in March 1986 and has also become an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member since March 1993.

As an in-house travel agent, we mainly provide services for NTT group, including reservation and arrangements for airline tickets and hotels for business travelers and business study tours, supports for recreation and various events, and private travel arrangements for employees, retired employees, and their family. Our company also assists travel arrangements for corporate users other than NTT group.

We will make the utmost efforts to provide safe, reliable, comfortable, and speedy services through further improvement of service quality and enhancement of operational efficiency.

With the increased global business activities of NTT group, global flight needs have been increasing not only in Japan but also at overseas offices. We will make efforts to improve services so that we could assist such needs at overseas offices. In addition, we would also be prepared to provide on-line services, if requested, on top of the current concierge-type services.

“Provide our heartfelt services with smiles.” is our slogan. In spite of a very severe business environment, we would make continuous efforts to be relied upon and trusted. We would appreciate your continuous business support and assistance.

Outline of the COMPANY

Establishment: November 1, 1982
Capital: 90 million Yen
License: No.715 of Travel agency qualified by the Miministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
Stockholders: NTT Business Associe Corporation 100%
Membership: Japan Association of Travel Agent ( JATA )
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
JATA Bond Member

Contents of the business

  1. International and Domestic Travel Service
    • Providing Business Travel Management (BTM) service.
    • Making arrangement for business and private travel.
    • Planning and making arrangement for business/study/incentive group tours.
    • Selling, package tours.
    • Acting procedures for international trips, such as arranging passports and/or visas.
  2. Recreational Service for NTT Group Employees and retirees.
  3. Acting insurance business
    • Handling for domestic and international injury insurance.